Break-up. First Draft

When it is time for the break-up you feel it in your heart first

and your brain second

and your mouth third

as the words try to spill out over afternoon lunch

and you gulp it down fast with your mouth full of coffee

they are both bitter

your mind is screaming at you to pull the trigger

but you don’t want to be a murderer

you don’t want to be the monster who kills in cold blood

and so your heart tries to let you out of this guilt easy

lets you feel that this is the right thing

that you are setting them free, being honest, saving what remains of this relationship

by destroying it

before you know it, hours pass, and they are happy you invited them out

and as they lean in for a kiss

your heart, brain, and mouth all work together

an unbeatable team

and the words you wanted to say with the precision of darts making their mark

instead come out like a bag of marbles crashing onto tile floors

Let’s. Break. Up.

In that instant you feel panic and relief

they are wide eyed and confused

and you wonder how they could miss something so obvious

you can see every ‘I Love You’ twisting in their heads

as they but question marks on their ends

you let them cry, you let them scream

and then you leave

you wonder to yourself how many more times you’ll have to do this

you wonder when someone will do this to you

but at the end of it all

you mostly feel empty

and that’s the end of the break-up







6 thoughts on “Break-up. First Draft

      1. Oh – my comment went through? I thought it wasn’t working. Sorry if a lot of them got sent – I hated to leave without letting you know I liked the poem 🙂


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