People always want the unpredictable

They want love to strike them like lightening bolts

on a hot sunny day in July

They want to trip and fall into the hands

of their new best friend

who will take them on adventures and show them

how cute and quirky poetry slams in back alleys can be

They want to find twenty dollar bills on side walks

and have opportunities jump into their laps so they can pick and choose as they please

They want God himself to show them just how unpredictable life can be

but the minute the thought enters your brain it is no longer the chance encounter you dreamt of

but a predictable moment you set up for yourself

you with your own will power and willingness to take risks

you who walked up to that boy and asked him out first

you who went into that dark ally to listen to strangers spill their hearts onto the cement in the form of words

you who scanned the ground to find what you wanted

you thought it up and made it happen

screw unpredictable

It is when you predict your happiness and success

dream of it

crave it

go for it

that you find exactly what you were looking for



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